Not your average furniture retailer, Social Room Interiors is a brick & mortar store with built-in design power.

Social Room Interiors started out small, with an initial focus on furniture. Our love for colour and design opened the doors to a world of connecting and consulting with clients to create unique spaces. Many projects later, we have since evolved into a multidimensional company able to address the layers that are involved in the design process.

Beyond great furniture we also offer an array of products and professional services that will guide you seamlessly through any project. In one location, we can collaborate with our clients and offer expert advice on key elements — cabinetry, flooring, countertops, lighting and decor.

Great design begins with you!

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Our Services

Personal space is a luxury that we strive to honour. We work with each client as a team to create a functional environment that truly
reflects the people who occupy it. 


Design Packages 

Are you starting a new build? We offer design packages for both homeowners and developers. Start and finish your project in
style with our team of professional interior designers.